Edward T. Babinski and Dave Armstrong (Catholic Apologist)

Edward T. Babinski and Dave Armstrong (Catholic Apologist)
On Wednesday, December 22, 2004, Dave Armstrong wrote:
Subject: My Latest Reply
Greetings Ed and all and sundry:
I have responded to your various ruminations in my latest paper:
How and Why Discussions With Agnostics and Atheists Often (Sadly) Collapse / The Many Logical Fallacies of Ed Babinski and Friends (Was [and occasionally still touches upon]: Discussion on the Psalms) (Dave Armstrong vs. Ed Babinski and Pals) 92K

On Wednesday, December 22, 2004, Edward T. Babinski wrote
Subject: Harry McCall on Armstrong-Babinski

Harry: Ed, I read Armstrongʼs critic of your review of Psalm 91. Ironically, Armstrong would have been executed in ancient Israel for his present day beliefs. He should know that the Hebrew/Israelite religion was an evolution of thought…from polytheism to henotheism [=one “high god” above all “other gods”] to monotheism; and from the ubiquitous ancient Near Eastern animal sacrifical practices to a mystical religion shaped by St. Paul and latter “church fathers.”

I guess your past seminary studies and personal theological library continue to come in handy. *smile*


  1. Well, Jesus, Paul, and all the disciples save one were executed, too, so I would have been in very good company. :-)

  2. Speaking of Paul, he persecuted many Christians, sort of like Ed. I have prayed on more than one occasion for Mr. Babinski. I know that sounds cliche, however as Jesus said, "No one can come to Me, unless the Father who sent Me draw him." Yet, I feel there's a greater purpose for what Ed does... God works in mysterious ways.